The search for original solutions to renovate our own house led us to the art of stained glass. To our surprise there wasn't a great variety of alternative: the same design, pattern, form. So we decided to try ourselves in this craft. Stained and fused glass decorations of  ceilings, windows, doors, bathroom walls, lamps, clocks first adorned our home, and then the homes of relatives and friends.

Welcome to PlayTheGlass! Our crew is led by Kosta, the owner, and includes his assistant and wife, Tanya. Nestled in Izmail, Ukraine, our cozy workshop specializes in crafting stained glass pieces using the Tiffany technique. We meticulously cut vibrant glass, wrap it in copper foil, and skillfully solder it together.

All our creations are handmade using stained glass from the American company Spectrum and other top-notch materials. They are not only durable and sun-resistant but also completely safe and one-of-a-kind.       

Today, we are sure that not always a huge stained glass panel, a door, or a window is the best solution for decorating a room. Quite often, a small adornment or an ornament is enough to make your home space look another way. And by buying our products you bring warmth and individuality to your place.

When we pack and ship your order, we make sure to do it really carefully so that it gets to you safe and sound, and right on time. Thanks for stopping by at PlayTheGlass. We really hope our handmade creations make you super happy and bring lots of good vibes your way.